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When planning to visit Morocco, it is essential to research the country before visiting. Although it might be a hassle, search for a Morocco travel guide or blog that might help you with your visit. It will make your vacation easier and safer as you will know the do’s and don’ts when you are in a foreign country. So to make your search faster, we have included some smart tips in this Morocco travel guide that you need to keep in mind for a seamless vacation.

Know the current climate before visiting the country

The first tip in this Morocco travel guide is to know about the country’s climate before planning a visit. Morocco is generally warm and has a dry winter; however, the country’s north sees significant rainfall during the autumn months. Like in Marrakech, it is hot during the summer, and it can become quite chilly when the winter hits. Thus, it would be best to research its current climate before going, considering the plan you have.

Do not solely rely on credit cards

The majority of transactions in Morocco are still conducted using cash payments. Some hotels and eateries may accept tourist credit cards, but you’ll need to pay with cash in the local stores. When visiting Morocco, it is advisable to have paper bills and coins.

Keep in mind the dress code

Travelers to Muslim nations, such as Morocco, are occasionally troubled by the strict clothing restrictions. You don’t want to upset the people you’re around, especially women. Women from other countries are not required to wear veils in public in Morocco, but it is respectful to do so or if you don’t want to, just dress conservatively.

Ask for permission when taking a photo of locals

In Islam, human beings cannot be depicted in images; thus, many Moroccans are uncomfortable being photographed. This is related to many visitors taking unauthorized photographs of locals and landmarks. To be safe, it’s always better to seek permission before snapping someone’s photo.

Be ready for possible catcalling if you are a lady

An important thing for a woman to know before traveling to Morocco is that she may expect to be the target of catcalls. Don’t take it personally, and don’t worry about it too much. Just don’t give the impression that you’re weak or scared.

Know how to bargain and avoid overspending

Unfortunately, most people will try to deceive you in terms of pricing in the marketplace simply because you’re a traveler. And you should stop them from doing that! To get the best deal, it’s standard practice to counter the seller’s proposed price with one of your own. Not overspending is the most important rule.

You should take a few coins with you for tipping

The last tip on our Morocco travel guide is to know that tipping is customary for various service providers, including tour guides and luggage porters. It is in everyone’s best interest, including the taxi driver’s, to reach a price agreement before getting inside the taxi. In most cases, the tip is added to the amount that has been agreed upon.

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