Discover Morocco: What You Need to Know about the Arab West

Morocco is a unique place with rich history and culture, and captivating landscapes that have a lot to offer. Here are other interesting facts you need to know about the Western Arab country.

01. Rich History and Splendid Monuments.

The Muslims who conquered Morocco and the Phoenicians, who ventured far west into the Mediterranean and beyond the Atlantic coast of Africa before the 8th century BCE, left a deep mark on the country in the form of monuments.

There are several famous monuments in almost every city in Morocco. Particularly famous monuments are Prison de Kara of Meknes, Babi bi al-Jounoud, also known as Blue Gate, the Main Gate of the Old City of Fez, and Bab el Mrissa in the city of Sale, the largest and oldest gate of Morocco. The Hassan II Mosque, the largest function mosque in Africa is located in Casablanca.

02. Cuisine Diversity.

Apart from its famous national food, the Beef Tagine, Morocco offers a variety of deliciously cooked local foods that include vegetables, salads, meat with unique spices, and soups in different cities. Many restaurants and cafes offer good food at a very reasonable price. Morocco is also well-known for its tasty breakfast that includes its specialties such as mint tea, goat cheesecake, marinated olives, etc.

03. Medinas.

In Morocco, a medina refers to an old part of the city or a historical centre. Medinas are often walled and contain narrow streets, mosques, dead ends, and sometimes fountains. Seven of Morocco’s medinas are included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Explore Morocco’s medinas and observe the daily lives of locals in cities such as Marrakech, Essaouira, and Tangier.

04.Sand Dunes, Camel Ride, and Quad Biking.

You will find several dunes in the deserts of Morocco, especially in the Sahara, where some of the tallest dunes in Africa can be found. Camel riding, sand skating, and quad biking, an activity growing in popularity recently are a few of the best things you could do in Morocco. Try them while in Marrakech.

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05. The Stunning Atlas Mountains.

The staggering Atlas Mountain ranges Morocco is known for divides the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. Its highest peak, Toubkal in South Morocco, is about 13,451 feet high, which you can explore or conquer if you are into mountain climbing. You can also experience the culture of local people firsthand with our day trip to Atlas Mountain.

06. Variety of Beaches.

Morocco has a sandy coastline that’s nearly 2,000 km long punctuated with laid-back port cities and resort destinations. The beaches are stunning. The beach of Asilah is a good place for couples to spend quality time. Another popular white sand beach is located in the town of Martil. Tamara, about 15 km away from the capital Tabat is the place to experience the wild beach.

07. Ski Resorts.

Oukaimeden, the largest ski resort in the Atlas Mountains near Toubkal offers 10 km of slopes, the highest in Morocco. Jebel Mischeliffen, which was built in the 1950s during the French era, offers short slopes for amateurs.

08. Unique Culture.

Morocco being a Muslim country embraces Muslim culture that visitors are expected to respect. This includes the way they dress, their food, their everyday norms, their language, etc. On women’s dress code, you can wear pretty much everything that does not show a lot of skin. They practice fasting from dawn to dusk in the month of Ramadan. During this period, restaurants would be closed. They celebrate Eidl-Al-Fitr after Ramadan. Overall, the Moroccans are known for their friendliness.

09. World’s First University.

The University of Al Quaraouiyine located in the city of Fez is the world’s first university. It was established in 859 by Fatima al-Fihri, the educated daughter of a wealthy merchant. The university served as the leading educational and spiritual hub of the Arab Muslim world for a long time. Today, it is part of the country’s state university system where Islamic legal and religious studies are the main focus.

10. Hammams.

People go to the hammam for a steam bath to relax and cleanse. Its many other benefits include boosting your immune system, reducing soreness in muscles, balancing blood flow, etc. Hammam isn’t that much expensive compared to traditional spas and massage.

11. Experience Berber Culture.

If you like to know more about the unique and interesting Berber culture, we recommend that you visit Al-Hoceima, known as the capital of Northern Berbers.

12. The Magnificent Sahara Desert.

The Sahara Desert is the top single reason many travelers come to Morocco. They visit the Sahara to explore the gigantic Orange Sand dunes and different species of wild plants and animals and take photographs. Spare a minimum of three days to experience the Sahara Desert tour.

13. Hidden Treasures .

Besides medinas, pottery, and Tagine pots, you can buy world-class handicrafts, leather goods, rugs, and jewelry in Morocco. These items are all hand-made and families associated with these businesses transfer the skill from generation to generation. It is best to shop by yourself and not hire a guide so you don’t have to be charged hefty commissions.

You’ve now made your choice and decided travel to Morocco. Our desert tours from Marrakech to Fes are the best experiences that exceed your expectations.


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